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Saturday, December 14, 2013

S S Umakanthan

Full Name: Shanmuganatha Sharma Umakanthan (S S Umakanthan)
Surname: Umakanthan
DOB: 03 March 1944

Work Experience:

  • Worked as a Postmaster & Signaller in the Dept. of P & T Sri Lanka (1969- 1990)
  • Worked as a Sub-Editor in Uthayan, a national Daily Newspaper in Tamil published in Sri Lanka (1991- Oct, 1992)
  • Worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (HQ in Geneva) (Nov 1992 - Jun 2002) 
  • Established Vidhya Institute of Computer Studies (VICS) in Chennai, North Usman Road (2003-2006)
  • Online Marketing 2006 - 2013

Media Experience:

I was a radio enthusiast from my school days, listening to various local and International broadcasts in Tamil and English. This interest in Radio made me to become a Wireless Telegraphist in the P & T department. I also worked as Telex operator in the same department. All these came under the Traffic Section of the P & T dept. during those days. Almost my whole career in the P & T Dept. was carried out in the Traffic section.
The wireless telegraphy got me deeper into the hobby of Radio broadcast listening. I became a DXer - a person who hunts for new and exotic radio broadcasts all over the globe. I sent reception reports to the technical departments of those broadcast stations that I listened to and received back acknowledgements from them in the form of QSL cards. I collected hundreds of such QSL cards.
I was a regular monitor of frequencies for Deutsche Welle, Germany for nearly 10 years (1985 - 1994)1
I wrote and published articles in the national Tamil language newspapers as well as Tamil Radio Broadcasts such as Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (Tamil Service)2, Radio Veritas Tamil Service (Manila, Philippines)3
I contributed broadcast material to the International English broadcasts of Radio Netherlands, Swiss Radio International, Radio Sweden International, HCJB (Ecuador) and Radio Belgium4.
I won the First Prize in a world-wide competition conducted by the English Service of Radio Netherlands writing "What I will do with the money, if I win the Prize".5
Organized Thamizh Oli Radio Listeners Society in 19816. Edited and Published a quarterly journal in Tamil named Tamil Oli (Tamil Broadcast) solely devoted to Radio and Broadcasting7. The publication was suspended in 1986 due to the volatile situation in the country (Sri Lanka).

Experience in Translation

While working as a sub-editor with Uthayan newspaper, I listened to various news broadcasts from all over the world and translated news items relevant to the newspaper's publishing policy. I also translated articles in English into Tamil for publication in the newspaper.8
I continued the same activity while working with the ICRC translating news items concerning the ICRC and its field of activities. Also, I translated the news published in the local Tamil Language newspapers into English for the ICRC's official use.
In addition I translated letters exchanged between the ICRC and the parties to the conflict.
I prepared and published the bi-annual fact-sheets both in English and Tamil.9

I wrote articles in Tamil and English to Wikipedia on a voluntary basis.

My articles in Tamil
My articles in English
Statistics of my contribution to Wiki

Present Activity

Social media


12Radio Documentary in Tamil broadcast by Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
3Certificate given by Radio Veritas Tamil Service Coordinator
4Some of my contributions to International broadcasts
5Prize winner
6Announcement by Radio Veritas Tamil Service introducing Thamizh Oli Radio Listeners Society and its publication
7Wiki article in Tamil about Thamizh Oli quarterly journal
7Some issues of Thamizh Oli online
8Certificate given by the Editor of Uthayan Newspaper
9ICRC Certificate

Contact Information

Phone: +91 9176971214